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Monday, June 26, 2023

New News:

Keep these things in mind when you leave home:



  • The Bus 64, 164, 264 and 64AAnd this Night flight 964 The Örökzöld utca stop will be moved to Leshegy utca.
  • The H6 month It runs on a route between Szigetszentmiklós-Gyartelep and Dunaharaszti outskirts.
  • Újpalota, Nyírpalota út; and traveling towards Újpalota, Sárfű utca Buses 46 and 130 The Erdőkerülő utca stop will be moved forward, on the other side of the parking entrance.

Road Information:

  • Due to garbage collection, you should expect a temporary outage XI. In the district Fehérvari út-Építész út-Budafoki út-Dombóvári út-Pázmány Péter promenade-József Irinyi út-Budafoki út-Dombóvári út In the restricted area
  • The Dózsa György út The Heroes Square And that István Street Expect traffic jams during the day as gardeners work.
  • Indicator lights dark a On the way to Hegyalja The He is on the street Due to alignment.
  • It should be ready for a temporary shutdown V., Sabatsak Square The Soldan Street And this Széchenyi Street In between due to filming.
  • They cover half the road in a narrow section a II., on Hydekutty Road The Malomsarta Street And this City limits Due to the construction of water pipeline between.

Today’s Weather:

  • Sunny weather is expected
  • Northerly winds blow from time to time, especially in Transdanubia and the northeastern regions
  • The temperature ranges from 26 to 31 degrees
  • Detailed weather forecast

Name Days:

Medium exchange rate:

  • Euro 370.63
  • US dollar 341.63
  • CHF 379.38
  • GBP 433.9


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