Migrants, EU, Party – Poland’s ruling party held an election rally

Poland wants to stay in the EU, but as a sovereign country, he declared Jaroslav Kaczynski Poland’s deputy prime minister and head of the ruling coalition Law and Justice (PiS) at his party’s election rally on Saturday.

At an open-air rally in the town of Bocatinia, located near the Polish-Czech-German triple border, Kaczynski also spoke about the situation at the local Turów lignite mine. In early June, the Vojvodina Administrative Court in Warsaw ordered a halt to coal mining at the initiative of German and Czech environmental NGOs.

Kaczynski expressed solidarity with local residents and called efforts to close the mine a “severe attack” on their livelihoods. He pointed out that the Bogatynia power plant, which uses coal from Turów, provides 7-8 percent of Poland’s energy supply, and called the mining-related activities an attack on state sovereignty.

The PiS leader also mentioned the role of EU institutions in the Czech-Polish dispute that arose in 2021 due to the Doro mine, which has already been resolved. Indeed, an EU court ordered Poland to pay a fine of 500,000 euros per day for not stopping lignite mining in Douro by 2021.

Recalling the historical traditions of Polish democracy, Kaczynski underlined: Poland must be a sovereign and free country. He pointed out: Opponents of PiS call this stance an attack on Poland’s EU membership, while “it’s a matter of returning to the union’s roots”. Kaczynski called the EU a “great institution” that would lift Europe up, but noted that the union is in crisis today.

We want the EU, we will stay in the EU, but we will become a sovereign state

– said the leader of PiS. He also touched on a new EU program aimed at relocating migrants. “Due to the lack of imagination of the Western elite, a new wave of migrants is starting across the Mediterranean”, he warned, adding that new migrant attacks are also reaching Poland’s borders from the direction of Belarus. He emphasized: PiS will not allow “others to decide instead of the Poles” in this matter either. He confirmed: A referendum will be held in Poland on the EU project. “The Polish decision will have Polish and European significance,” he stressed.

Mateusz Morawiecki In his speech, the Prime Minister also underlined the role of the autumn parliamentary elections in safeguarding the country’s sovereignty. The prime minister, who has called for unity between the ruling coalition and its voters, has accused Donald Tusk, the main opposition leader of the opposition party, the Civic Alliance, of smearing the government.

They lied in the morning, they lied at noon, and they lied in the evening, according to the Kherson theory.

Morawiecki said.

Leaders of smaller parties forming the government coalition also participated in the BIS council. Campaign events ahead of autumn parliamentary elections were held by several Polish opposition parties on Saturday. At an open-air rally in the southwestern Polish city of Wrocław, Donald Tusk called the stakes of the election whether the country would become a Greater Poland or Kaczynski’s Little Russia. (MTI)

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