Markó utca: Ambulances don’t always reach their station

An ambulance, how do you get to Marco?!

National Ambulance Service He wrote this On their official social media page, but not really a question of a game, they drew attention to the serious problem and challenge that getting them to their own campus in an orderly fashion is currently an impossible task.

If it is not possible to turn from the boulevard to Bajci-Silinski út, and there is no possibility to go back under the overpass, the capital’s transport experts probably do not think that it is impossible to properly access the central ambulance station. . Lifeguards can only drive against traffic on Marco Street.

As they wrote, although they are handling the situation flexibly, the change in transport patterns is causing disruptions almost every day, and they hope that the works will be completed soon. In the meantime, drivers there are being asked to be understanding.

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