Look down on smokers – Health Minister insists in Hong Kong

Minister Lo Chung-mau believes in the strength of the community to live in a smoke-free Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Ministry of Health encourages citizens to watch out for smokers in public places. RTL The In the South China Morning Post.

If we see smokers in a non-smoking public area, we can do something even if the authorities don’t come: we can watch them.

He said on Friday Lo Chung-mau Tobacco and Health Council probing questions on how the Health Minister envisions a smoke-free Hong Kong.

If someone smokes a cigarette in a restaurant, everyone should look at him badly. I don’t think the guy would dare tell everyone if the whole restaurant was staring at him

– The minister outlined the plan, and although he expects social cooperation in this area, they have more specific plans to increase resources dedicated to smoking control. For example, surveillance is done through cameras placed in public places, and based on those recordings, authorities detect people smoking in prohibited places and take legal action.

In Hong Kong, they have declared a serious war on cigarette smoking for some time: since 2007, smoking has been banned in many public places, including bars, restaurants, buildings and parks, and there have been proposals to double it in recent years. Introducing a tax or age-based ban on tobacco products.

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