Landslide victims from Lajos Khosa’s friend’s mine will be compensated up to 500 million.

Magyar Közlöny on Monday evening Victor Orban Along with his signature, can be read the government’s decision, which compensates up to HUF 500 million to those whose residential properties were damaged in Rexke due to landslides caused by flash floods on June 8.

On June 8, after heavy rains, we reported in detail that around twenty residential properties in the last part of the Hunyadi range were submerged in mud and around 50-60 people were ordered to evacuate. The local mayor and the people of Rexki claimed that the mud came from the mine above them. The mining company, Andezit-Bau Kft. István NagyAs well as Fidesz Lajos Khosa He became famous as a friend István Fiac Property. Ltd. According to local residents, after the landslide, he distributed emergency aid of 100,000 forints to one family, which is why we had previously inquired with Istvan Fiak’s company about the reasons for doing so, but we did not get an answer to this either. According to the minutes of the board meeting in Recki, stone from this mine will be transported for the construction of the Budapest-Belgrade railway line.

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500 million funds “To build houses for affected persons, by submitting a separate application, MR Nözöszégi Lakásáslap Közhaznú non-profit Korlatold Felösséko: Laresséko: .) as a support advance, on the basis of a supporting document defining the detailed conditions for the use of support and its settlement, by specifying in the supporting document

  • a) Findings in the report based on point 5, MR Lakasalab NKft. taking into account,
  • b) Unutilized grant to MR Lakasalab NKft. There is an obligation to repay the central budget.
  • c) In the case of purchase of real estate, inform the Home Minister in writing within 15 days from the date of payment of the purchase price.”

In that resolution, “The Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr. Govt invites to Lakasalap NKFD. Involvement – Prepare a report that questions the long-term usability and habitability of the affected property and investigates whether the damage to the property is related to weather-related events.”

The case is being investigated by the officials of the Department of Mines and is being investigated on the orders of the public prosecutor. Earlier, local residents said many times: heavy rains may wash away the earth accumulated in the mine.


“If it rained more, it would have killed us”, is how the mine near the NER spilled all the way to the end of the village.

Over forty people were forced to leave their homes due to floods in Rexke last Thursday, and they have not been able to return home till today. The problem in this village is not only the rain, but also the mud that comes down from the recently opened quarry above the village. Locals have been saying for months that trouble will come from the mine, whose operator has paid 100,000 HUF to affected families.

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