Katelyn Doorley told us what she thinks about her fine

Shame on the power that cannot tolerate even the mildest criticism and harmless expression of displeasure

– He commented on the question of 24.hu Catlin Darley, the Budapest police headquarters fined him fifty thousand forints in the framework of public administrative procedure, claiming that he had violated the right to assembly. According to him, “even an honest but harmless act is mercilessly beaten, disciplined and punished, all using the authorities and the police”.

The author added: The police complained that the site of the demonstration on June 1 had not been restored to its original condition.

This is certainly true because we and the protestors used undamaged stickers to express our political opinion.

He described the circumstances.

Katelyn Darley was one of the first to be fired from her teaching post last fall after the government limited the strike rights of public education workers citing the threat of insubordination — actually an illegal strike — introduced earlier. . A former teacher at Ferenc Kölcsey High School in Budapest, he has been a regular participant and frequent speaker in movements and demonstrations criticizing the state of Hungarian public education.

On the first of June, with the participation of sixteen cities, they organized a national movement against the Star Act, which was later adopted. At the demonstration, Törley called on participants to sticker the city on their way home so that “the destruction caused by the law reaches as many people as possible,” Tanítanek Mozgalom previously reported.

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