Judith Varga: It’s a good sign when a person is attacked

The next term’s task is for Fidesz to decide the final EP list News for TV He gave his interview to the outgoing justice minister and who is expected to run for the party’s list leader in next year’s EP elections Judith Varga.

He wants to use the experience he has gained as a minister in recent years in Brussels, and he believes that he has been able to complete all the tasks he undertook as a minister.

Varga responded that there was a lot of criticism of his work and that people saw him constantly fighting with the opposition or with Brussels.

If a person is struck it is a good sign because he has touched the right place.

As an example, he mentioned the Child Protection Act, which exposed a large international lobby.

According to him, his constant attackers at home or abroad have something to fear, they represent an ideological struggle and act against the interests of the Hungarian people.

He did not give a clear yes or no answer as to whether he would like to return to work in Brussels, saying only that he had worked there before and had seen the processes, his experience in a diplomatic environment qualifies him for confirmation. The situation is there.

You know, Varkat Benz Tucson Making him a minister, according to him, asked for one thing From Victor Orban, Before accepting the call.

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