It was one of the most brutal executions of the Middle Ages

Many brutal methods of torture and execution have been developed throughout history to keep people from thinking about sin. Wheel breakage is one of the most brutal.

Wheel breaking dates back to ancient times, but was most commonly used in medieval Europe, usually in retaliation for serious crimes such as rape or murder – LadBible writes British tabloid portal.

A chakra break aimed at a painful but slow death. The convict was tied to a blood bench with his limbs spread out and then beaten several times with a wagon wheel reinforced with a sharp metal tire. In other cases, the criminal was tied to the wheel, and the executioner smashed his limbs between the spokes with a large whip. The victim suffered excruciating pain before succumbing to his injuries.

The execution usually ended with the public display of the dismembered body tied to a wheel. The head was severed and mounted on a shaft extending from the wheel or a fire was lit under the wheel.

As we wrote earlier, this is fate Pero to Segedinac who led a rebellion after spending almost his entire life fighting against the Turks.

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