Isolated foreign construction zones are emerging in Hungary

The Hungarian construction industry is not getting enough jobs from incoming Turkish, Chinese and Far Eastern investments, it is losing its own market at home, while there are fewer and fewer new contracts, and it is not even possible to see where the low point is. Department, writes a World economy.

Laszlo GojiThe head of the National Union of Construction Contractors (ÉVOSZ) spoke about the flash report of the construction sector of the Central Statistics Office (KSH), unfortunately they look beyond the May data, they also know that the situation is the same in June and July. Worse than before.

The fact that the volume of newly concluded contracts is 36.9 percent lower than a year ago is a very important figure because it shows the future of the construction industry. The situation in 2024 depends on the second half of the year, what and how much work domestic contractors and construction material manufacturers can expect.

– pointed out the President of ÉVOSZ.

László Gojci stressed: They still don’t know where the bottom is. This year is already declining and now the stake is 2024, so it doesn’t matter how the size of the new contract portfolio develops.

László Gojci also considers the growing presence of Turkish, Chinese and Far Eastern construction zones, Hungarian construction companies and construction material manufacturers in Hungary, inaccessible to foreign interests.

Foreigners are closing down, the domestic construction industry is not finding work in their investments, and as a result is gradually losing its own market at home.

– announced the President of ÉVOSZ.

In order to retain workers in the sector, it is critical that foreign investors commit to deploying as much domestic capacity as possible, including in engineering services.

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