Insidious complaints tormented the man, which helped him (x)

Tibor was 34 years old and to the outside world everything seemed to be going well in his life. He ran a successful business and was happily married, but there was something no one knew about. Tibor had an unpleasant, tugging, cramping sensation in his abdomen. At first, he thought that the matter would go away on its own, but he was wrong, and the result worsened the man’s daily life for a long time.

“My disease controlled my life”

– I still remember what I felt at that time: it was as if something was constantly pressing the lower abdomen. The pain was unpleasant, but unbearable, so I tried to focus on something else. I’ve had a lot of trouble with my legs and thought my immune system would take care of that too. However, I was already scared when one morning I had pain when urinating – it came in small bursts and it also burned a lot. After a few days the feeling did not go away, and I was forced to go to the doctor because urination was so unpleasant, says Tibor about the beginning of his illness.

Chronic prostatitis caused a wave of pain

A sample taken by the doctor revealed that Tibor’s complaints were due to a bacterial infection. – Since I have been feeling dull pressure in my lower abdomen for several months, the doctor said it might be due to chronic prostatitis and he prescribed antibiotics for it. The medication helped, but over time I felt pain in my perineum again. In addition, the pressure sometimes eased and sometimes intensified, so I was constantly worried about when it would appear. After a while, I found myself worrying that it hurt even when I was working out.

Tibor tried to find companions

– Over time, prostatitis completely took over my life and my thoughts. I felt helpless. My mood was getting worse day by day which was putting a strain on our family life and I felt like there was no help for my problem anywhere. I tried to track down guys and figure out what helped them. I received a lot of advice, so I ended up with a physiotherapist, learned resistance muscle exercises with him, and decided to change my diet. I stopped eating spicy food and gave up alcohol.

Fellow patients recommended Proxelan

I now know that nearly half of men will experience symptoms of prostatitis at least once in their lifetime. Chronic bacterial prostatitis is the most common cause of recurrent urinary tract infection in men. Based on the positive experiences of my fellow patients, I started using the antibiotic supplement Proxelan rectal suppository. Tibor explains that the active ingredients of the suppository, which contain hyaluronic acid and herbal extracts, easily reach the prostate through the veins in the rectum, so they work at the source of pain. – Using a suppository is quick and easy, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription, it’s available in pharmacies without a prescription. A 30-piece package is enough for a month, but the suppository can be used even longer. The Proxelan It worked for me: it alleviated the symptoms, it became harder to urinate, and the pain in my lower abdomen was much duller. It helped me not to let my illness take over all my thoughts. Resistance training also helped, as did changing my diet. It’s not clear what the initial cause was, perhaps an untreated cold, but it’s not interesting. The thing is, I’ve been asymptomatic for some time and hope to remain so for a long time – Tibor in a nutshell.


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