In Fábiánsesbestyén Hellboy’s car is converted into an ambulance

Filmed in Hungary Hellboy II “The Golden Army.” One of the prop cars from the 2008 film is reported to be used as an ambulance by a self-powered local rescue center in Fábiánsesbestyen. Hungarian orange.

Ford Ambulance Guillermo del Toro And his crew brought it to the country as early as 2007, but after filming at Korda Studios in Tárnok, Sóskút and Etyek, they didn’t bring it back to the U.S. They found it easier to sell. The vehicle was bought by the representative body of the Csongrád County village for 3 million HUF, but not to show it as a movie monument. The car was equipped to be used as an ambulance.

Soon, the 2,000-person solution will join the integrated medical on-call system already introduced in several districts, which is expected to be rolled out locally from October. Thanks to national restructuring, help can come from even further away, instead of the previous 17 kilometers.

Georgi KosAccording to the village’s former family doctor and current mayor

The death zone is not only on Mount Everest, but also in the time of aid: resuscitation can be achieved within four or five minutes. A rural person’s chance of survival is not worsened by governments, but by distance.

For this reason, they started a rescue center on their own initiative, where the volunteer fire department and the municipal police also operate, and an ambulance converted from the aforementioned utility vehicle is also on duty here. Earlier the van received from Germany was used for emergency cases, but it was difficult to attend to the patients in it, but the delivery vehicle was useful for the village. The sixteen-member rescue team consists of firefighters, doctors, nurses, sewer cleaners and groundskeepers. More than once, human lives have been lost because the ambulance was on the spot, and even the National Ambulance Service often relies on them for help.

There have been countless times that the rescue control officers in Szeged have called to say the car has started, but we might as well go because we need to revive it and we’ll be there in five minutes.

– said the mayor. Farago M. Ferenc According to the deputy mayor, it will be more reasonable to maintain a local rescue center after the introduction of the new call system.

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