I almost ruined my relationship because of a small problem with urination

There is a disease that slowly saps people of their energy. And if you can’t even think because of exhaustion, you can easily hurt the person most important to you.

At first, Andras didn’t take the symptoms seriously, but since he was going to the bathroom more often at night than before, he sensed that something might be wrong. Then slowly everything changed.

Fatigue made him more and more sleep-deprived, which caused difficulties not only in his work but also in his personal life. However, his wife Aki is a real angel. But Andras always wakes up at night while cleaning the toilet. They didn’t handle the situation well because they didn’t know what was causing the constant tension between them.

Andras fought more and more, taking issue with every little thing that had nothing to do with him. By this time, they were too tired to rest and relax. Aki suggests they go somewhere, but Andras waves his hand and says what’s the point, he’s not in the mood anyway.

Sometimes almost comical scenes took place in the house, but as they enjoyed it, they did not find it funny. For example, Andras stubs his thumb on the door one night, causing him to be so upset that he falls for Aki for everything, even though he couldn’t find a better mate than her. His wife ran crying and closed the kitchen door by herself. He’s usually not that sensitive, but now the candle is broken.

After Aki calmed down, he finally had enough. Now he felt they had to do something about the insomnia. Since he didn’t know what was wrong with Andras, he consulted a doctor.

Managing tensions is much easier than they thought. Andras’s irritability may have been due to his chronic fatigue, but this too had its own causes. The doctor came to the conclusion that it was caused by a benign enlargement of the prostate gland, frequent urination at night and other problems with urination.

Urinary incontinence is one of the most common kidney diseases in middle-aged and elderly men. For prevention, it is worth visiting a timely kidney screening test to map out all possible complications. For example, prostatitis can become chronic if left untreated and lead to pelvic pain syndrome. It is a disease with pain and sexual problems that can only be treated, but once it develops, it cannot be cured.

Fortunately, Andras took the doctor’s advice, so today he lives a happy family life with his wife Aki, just as he did on their honeymoon.


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