High school graduates in Moscow won an extra week of prep time because of the Wagner uprising

Russia experts have long speculated about what Saturday’s uprising, staged by Wagner’s mercenaries, was good for. Anyway, those Moscow students who had to pass math and Russian on Monday must have done well because they won another week to prepare.

Because when it looked like Prigozhin’s troops wanted to besiege Moscow, the capital’s mayor, Sergei Sobyan, risked in a reduced manner Monday was declared a public holiday. Therefore, the combined state exam in mathematics and Russian ( EGE) changed to July 1.



The EGE is a series of exams that every student must pass after graduating from high school in order to enter a university or vocational school. Since 2009, EGE has been the matriculation exam in schools and the first level exam in universities. Russian language and mathematics are compulsory and all students must obtain the required results in these subjects. (Toss)

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