Here’s the government’s comment on Saturday’s Budapest Pride

As we wrote, there were only a handful of protesters among the nearly 35,000 participants in Saturday’s Budapest Pride Parade, and we wrote in our broadcast that the atmosphere was calm and good among the marchers. He spoke on behalf of the opposition parties in the event Gregory Christmas The mayor too, but no one from the government was represented.

The Hungarian nation However, he sent a query to the Government Information Center in which he inquired about the government’s stand on pride.

Pride is a personal matter for the participants. The government does not deal with personal matters. After coming of age, everyone lives their life as they want

– The answer says, in which they write that sex propaganda targeting children is harmful and dangerous, and protecting children is a public matter, so the government maintains all the provisions of the Child Protection Act unchanged.

Eventually, according to the opposition, the government also adopted the Pride theme from Mi Hazánk. Orban Victor His government pursues a policy of tolerance on LGBTQP issues, including, among other things, the “disruption” of marchers, which they find unacceptable.

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