He received one dollar for his first contract, and now he performs concerts in front of full houses

The tracks on the Reckless album (Run To You, Heaven, Somebody, Summer of ’69, Kids Wanna Rock) followed one after the other, for which he still performs in front of full houses.


Bryan Adams, who often visits the Hungarian capital, will perform in Budapest on October 9. His fourteenth solo album of his thirty-five-year career comes with the Get Up tour released last year.


Get Up doesn’t have a chart-topping track, but it’s a decent job. In which the eternal mentors Jim Vallance and Jeff Lynne played a significant role. Yes, it’s Jeff Lynne, leader and frontman of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), who took on the role of producer this time. And he created such a typical ELO sound (what else?) that, according to diehards, he sent his protégé back in time thirty years.

Which is also interesting because the 56-year-old Bryan Adams always says that he never immerses himself in the past, instead of nostalgia, he is interested in the present. His fanbase, on the other hand, demands the great successes of the past, the 1980s and 1990s. The guy in the leather jacket, white T-shirt, and jeans who wakes up the neighbors, borrowing the title of his 1991 double album. Because that’s how he hits the strings of his guitar. And who admits that the best play back is when the audience sings the stanzas for him. Straight From The Heart. Straight from the heart.


The father of two refined a lot. Today, she prefers to comb her hair and dress in black, following a minimalist style. The color choice somewhat contradicts the fact that he remains a hippie at heart. He is a vegetarian, and his weakness is said to be coconut ice cream. And as a grown-up man, he stopped dating, in addition to supermodels and actresses, he was also in the news with the late Lady Diana Spencer. Adams was deeply silent about everything.

He is also a great photographer, often asked by magazines to photograph stars and everyday heroes. A few years ago, he made a series about British veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Those who wear their uniforms even with amputations and scars. Proudly.

Celebrities through the lens

II. Elizabeth, Mick Jagger. Amy Winehouse, Ray Charles, Celine Dion, Tina Turner – just a few of the celebrities photographed by Bryan Adams, who has sold 100 million records during his career so far. He made portraits of, among others, Plácido Domingo, Michael J. Fox, Robert Plant, members of the famous British rock band, The Who. Adams held his first photography exhibition in 1999 at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

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