Győző Gáspár: Most Hungarian celebrities are terribly hypocritical

He believes there is still interest in him twenty years later because he always gave himself in front of the cameras.

Caspar Gioso Has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades. According to the showman, the fact that there is still interest in him after all this time is because he has always shown his true self on screen – not, according to him, the way many domestic celebrities do. . He gave an interview to the Star newspaper about this yesterday.

I don’t have sex videos like some people. For example, I have never been so hypocritical as a musician who posts on social media that he loves his family so much, while condescending scenes of him are circulating on the internet. I don’t like that – only ID and goodness, come on

Quoted Caspar, followed by Star magazine, Bors.

A nation saw us struggle, and that was us. Some agree, some disagree. By comparison, most Hungarian celebrities are horrendously hypocritical. They don’t make a big deal of it, they don’t do it on the cover, and in fact my tax evasion has been in the headlines for years. Newspapers, weeklies, everything has gone bonkers.

The identity of the mentioned musician has not been disclosed because if his name is made public, it would be a violation of personality and rights, the showman added.

Although I am called a tax evader, it is not illegal. Get out already! Walking on the boulevard is worse than the circus! I have not been interested in domestic media for about five years

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