GwM on his family: Life begins with five children, and then I’m still in the cake

Gulzar sees Edina as a superhero who can “take down anything”.

Mark Vargasay GwM and his wife Edina Gulzer They raise five children together: they both had two children from previous marriages, and their first daughter was born in May. to sit. Rapper A factsInside He told me About his feelings for his family.

Family is the first and most beautiful thing in the world. We are fine, my baby is fine, my baby is very cute, he sleeps a lot, eats a lot, does his job

– said about Amara, and Edina Gulzar said:

He is really a superhero who can take down anything. This woman is brilliant and I am so thankful to God for her. He may rest from the child, and life begins with two other children, or, if I have mine, five children. It’s a pretty strong ride. And then, well, I’m still icing on the cake.

In the report, the rapper also talked about how he envisions himself as an old man with a large family.

Either way, my goal is to have my children, my nephews, nieces, and grandkids around me at one big table, and an intimate, quiet blessing surrounds my entire environment.

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