Grandparents will care for a grandchild for $400 a week, with an additional charge on weekends

Grandpa looked around the market to see how much babysitters were making, then gave a price.

Surprisingly or not, the two grandparents are getting a lot of praise on social media for refusing to babysit their daughter for free – writes vt.

“Am I The A******” on Reddit on the side He recalled the story of his father’s wife.

He wrote that they wanted to decide who would take care of the child and finally decided to ask the girl’s parents. Grandma was about to retire and thought she would see more of her grandson.

Grandfather and grandmother agreed to that. But when the child was born, grandfather started talking about asking for money for the baby shower.

The man looked at the prices of the service, and then he and his wife decided to supervise for $400 (approx. HUF 137,000) per week, and ask for an additional $100 (approx. HUF 34,000) on weekends.

They live well and have no problem with money, but they are enraged by the demands of their grandparents.

They decided that the elderly couple could not see their grandson, only on weekends if the parents agreed.

There was a debate on reddit about who was right.

There are many people who condemned the parents saying that the girl’s parents should take care of the child for free.

You are not entitled to free childcare!

One of them wrote.

Due to the privacy of the reddits subpage, the angry father didn’t receive many messages of support.

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