Gay rights and hot days

good morning! This is our morning newsletter, but there are many more that you can subscribe to here. We’re looking forward to another hellishly hot week. Let’s start with the top news of the weekend! But before that, 4 special articles about 444:

  • After China began expanding its nuclear arsenal, nuclear security experts dusted off Newton.
  • I take pictures and show how people are affected.
  • Prototype of Urbanism: Thohodom Movement,
  • Wine Sound #131: Against the heat, chicken leg salad, cantaloupe, indoor tobacco.


Another well-known teacher resigns, Joseph Paladoni quits teaching: in his farewell essay he writes about the grieving process, panic disorder, depression and a monthly salary of 287,000.

Due to financial reasons, infrastructural problems and lack of knowledge, a significant number of Hungarian couples do not have access to contraceptives. Contraception is free in many European countries, but not in Hungary.


How is pride in Ferencvaros during bench war and failed books? Mark Lakatos demonstrated the effects of the foil frame on his own body while opposing protesters sounded sirens from afar. An efficient statement of pride.

David Pressman capped off Pride month with an American garden party: the nation’s first family Pride picnic awaited his guests with a bouncy castle, a Carson Coma concert, and imported Budweiser beer.

Tamás Menczer insulted him on Facebook and later called for mutual respect for diplomats fighting government homophobia.

  • Andras Hodas, a former priest who has come out, knows that it has been decided: he will never be a priest again.


Not only was the land tax abolished, but the amount previously collected by the municipalities would also be returned: although it was collected in more than fifty localities, including the Fidesz municipalities, it became a political matter after the introduction of Hotmessowasserheli.

According to Ákos Hadházy, the welfare park in Vámospércs is a “house without heat”, a puddle filled with reeds and some stones, although there was talk of a playground and exercise park earlier, but there is no sign of it.

According to David Vitesse, railway investments from Bulgaria to Portugal will accelerate and not stop: the Austrian state railway is building a new railway line, so the Vienna airport will be close to western Hungary, on the other hand, the Hungarian government blows. Railway developments one after the other.

Belvaros, the former center of CEU, is on the list for another billion-dollar real estate sale: six non-residential properties are slated to be sold for a total of 2.3 billion.

  • A new Chinese car brand is coming to Hungary this year: the first units of the mid-size SUV Omoda 5s are expected to arrive in the last quarter.
  • Twitter continues to take in money.


What do we really know about the Ukrainian counteroffensive? – Andras Rocks wrote about this, according to which more and more assessments of the Ukrainian counteroffensive launched in early June have appeared, describing disappointing results so far. But in this regard, it’s worth reviewing what we really know and what we don’t.

President Putin of South Africa is worried: the conference of the BRICS Association of Emerging Economies will be held in South Africa, but if the Russian President travels there, they will have to arrest him.

Katalin Novak will visit Ukraine in August: on August 23 he will participate in the meeting of the Crimean Forum, but before that, on August 20, he will visit Transcarpathia.

  • European countries await US training of Ukrainians for F-16s.
  • Even Putin threatens cluster bombs.
  • Ukraine celebrates Orthodox Christmas on December 25th instead of January 7th, in order to further remove its Russian heritage.
  • Missiles withdrawn from Taiwan’s military may end up in Ukraine.
  • Even if it stopped in vain, Prigozhin’s goblin factory could resume – or already has.


After China began to expand its nuclear arsenal, nuclear security experts dusted off Newton: The three-body problem has not yet been resolved, and it may be time, since the last seventy years have been defined by a relatively constant conflict between two nuclear weapons. superpowers, but meanwhile China is engaged in production.

Thousands flee wildfires in La Palma: Southern Europe faces a week in which temperatures could break records with a second extreme heat wave, named after Charon, the Greek mythical boatman who ferried souls to the underworld.

After a 13-year investigation into the missing women’s serial killings, the suspects in the murders of 3 sex workers have been arrested.

After nearly 10 years, oil is finally being pumped out of Yemen from a rusting tanker that, if spilled, would threaten the water supply of at least 8 million people.

A former US spy has been accused of secretly “sexually training” a CIA confidante so she could “use her body as a weapon” so he could repeatedly rape her. The 58-page complaint details how Shawn Wiggins was able to ensnare and exploit Jane Doe.

  • Veterans who have left the Florida State Police say the organization is becoming Ron DeSantis’ personal army.
  • Joe Biden jokingly pretends to bite a little girl in Helsinki.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu was taken to the hospital.
  • British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace will leave in September.
  • US, Japanese and South Korean forces conducted military exercises on the Korean Peninsula.
  • A gunman shot and killed four people in four locations in Georgia.
  • Pressed dolphins attack bathers in Japan.

Culture and Sports

Prototype of Orbánism: Töhötöm Directed by: Antalék Rogán Zoltán Fábri’s 1956 film Mr. Looks like Hannibal is taking over government propaganda. What was then a farce of the Horthi regime is now a daily tragedy.

  • Nigerians are on a Guinness World Record craze.
  • A major accident happened when a tourist took a selfie.
  • Algaraz defeated Djokovic in five games to win the Wimbledon final.
  • Paris-based British actress Jane Birkin has passed away.
  • Finally, Kör members can already listen to the latest broadcast of Borízű hang.

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