Gabriella Selmesi has promised to change the law so that transgender people can also retire after 40 years, according to a court ruling.

Gabriella Selmeczi said the decision of the Veszprem court was outrageous, according to which transgender people could also enjoy the possibility of early retirement. Fidesz Vice President A To the Hungarian nation He talked about how the case proves that LGBTQ propaganda exists.

According to Celmecsi, the case cannot go unanswered, and he hopes that Fidesz-KDNP will review the relevant laws and, if necessary, amend them. According to him, the judgment invokes the will of the Legislature. As a woman, she asks this for herself.

Gabriella Selmesi


Gabriella Selmesi

Photo: Szilard Koszticsák/MTI/MTVA

Last week, the court ruled that transgenders can also avail of early retirement under the Women 40 scheme, which means they can retire after forty years of service.

The Court of Justice of the European Union already ruled in 2006, and now the Veszprem Court: Transgender women also have the right to an earlier pension. “Nők 40” is a Fidesz election promise, the Fejér county government office mentions child rearing and family support in the case – but they cannot say why single, childless women are also eligible for pension benefits.

Elvira, a client of Háttér Társaság, applied for legal recognition of her gender before the age of 33 and thus could not change her gender and name, so according to her official documents, she is a woman. In her birth certificate, identity card and TAJ card, she is listed as female with a female name. On the other hand, the pension provider considered him a man in 2021, and they refused to implement the amendment, citing a transphobic law that had come into force since then.

After 40 years of work, Elvira can retire in two years.

We wrote more about the case here.

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