Gábor Bojár: All money intended for economic development should be spent on education

Gabor Bojar


Gabor Bojar in his 444 studio.

Photo: botost/444.hu

Instead of battery factories, Hungarian government money should be spent on Hungarian mathematics education, which has a wonderful tradition, and education in general – said businessman Gabor Bojar, founder of Graphisoft and the private university Aquincum Institute of Technology. Last Tuesday (July 4 I) László Rodz Vandor, the wandering assembly of the Janos Bolyai Mathematical Society. In Božer’s presentation, he talked about how the IT revolution represents an exceptional opportunity for Hungary, that hundreds of software companies like GraphiSoft, successful in the international market, could have been built on the basis of the world-famous Hungarian mathematical culture, but we have lost this opportunity for the time being. And, according to Bojar, math education is now being systematically destroyed. Interview.

  • 03.00: Hungary can win XXI. century, it did not have to compete among the nations it loved, but it would have been among the richest if it had built on the best traditions of Hungarian mathematics.
  • 08.00: How did it end up starting software companies behind the iron curtain that already opened an office in Silicon Valley at the end of the eighties?
  • 10.00: Talent is a competitive advantage. Leading Hungarian programmers on the global market.
  • 12.30: Erno Nemecek raises his hat.
  • 14.00: Death of Judith Torok.
  • 15.20: Not only do they ignore maths education, they destroy it.
  • 17.00: We are building battery factories for which we have nothing and no money. Instead of building software, we have everything, and there’s money in it.
  • 19.00: State support for enterprises is completely meaningless, it does not lead to economic success. Education is the only cost.
  • 21.30: Politicians think only in terms of votes. He did not spend on education because it would not yield results within four years.
  • 24.00: Hungarian leaders also recognize the link between money invested in education and economic success. But they don’t care. Fidesz’s support is highest among the least educated classes, and this connection is particularly important for them.
  • 32.00: It is possible to create an environment where talent does not leave.
  • 34.30: If we pay footballers, we can pay math skills too.
  • 37.00: From hundreds of billions paid to Vodafone and interest on subsidies for battery production, the wages of all public education workers can be increased to HUF 300,000.
  • 41.00: It is not enough to pay teachers, we also need creative freedom and academic freedom.
  • 43.00: The government is preparing to leave the European Union. Viktor Orban was never a spirited member of the trade union because he could not stand if his power was limited.
  • 48.00: Not sure if he will formally quit, he could continue to cause trouble from within as an agent of the Russians.

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