Fifty people were detained by police after Pride in Istanbul

The Turkish government has hardened its stance on LGBTQ+ freedoms, with recently re-elected President Erdogan accusing opposition parties of being “LGBT” after his victory. In Istanbul, riot police blocked access to the Pride parade’s traditional sites, Istiklal Avenue and Taksim Square. Nearby streets were closed and public transport was stopped in the area.


Photo: Yasin AKGUL/AFP

At the same time, hundreds of people carrying rainbow flags gathered at Mystic Park in the Sisley district, where they chanted and organizers read a statement. The police arrested more than fifty people who participated in the demonstration. According to Amnesty International’s office in Turkey, at least one person suffered head injuries while in detention.

Meanwhile, in another Turkish city, Izmir, 44 people were detained after authorities banned a Pride march. (Reuters)

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