Fidesz politicians also accompanied school principals on a study trip to the French Riviera

Peter Kovacs, XVI. The district ruling party mayor also participated in the inspection trip organized by Nicel Municipality. 39 people traveled at the expense of the district: the heads of educational institutions, the mayor and his representatives, Fidesz representatives, office managers and even the staff of the field guard. The trip cost 13 million HUF.

Peter Kovacs, Budapest XVI. Fidesz Mayor of his district, Carpenter Aniko And Joseph Chas Deputy mayors and other representatives of the governing party also participated in a study trip organized by the municipality to Nice, the center of the French Riviera, mainly for the heads of district educational institutions.

After RTL’s report in May revealed that the head of the Northern Insect Education Center participated in a four-day study tour along with several school principals. Noble GaborDK’s local representative submitted a public interest data request to the municipality, and for that immediately Gabor Holai Also joined. Opposition politicians inquired about the details as Peter Kovacs explained the trip as an annual study trip for company leaders, a decades-old tradition, so they also got to know the German and Spanish education systems. However, the mayor did not talk about his participation in this trip along with many district political figures. As it turned out,

39 people traveled to Nice at the expense of the municipality, which cost 13 million HUF.

János Marjai / Peter Kovacs, Budapest XVI. Fidesz is the mayor of his district.

At the same time, only half of the total number of employees are school, kindergarten and nursery school managers. Besides the mayor and his two deputy mayors, the Fidesz party also participated in the trip Csaba Antalóczy A local representative and his party partner, Well done Daniel too. This meant that half of the district Fidesz committee members left.

Apart from the five representatives, four office managers of the municipality and the district deputy registrar also participated in the trip. The head of the local government office and the director of the Erzsébetliget theater were also invited. Among the participants was a member of the Ragosmenti Field Guard Service, i.e. an employee of the Field Guard.

In previous years, the municipality also spent a significant amount of money on study tours – a tradition that, according to the mayor, can also be seen from the data request.

  • Over HUF 10 million by 2022,
  • HUF 14 million by 2021,
  • And in 2019, more than 8 million was spent on similar trips (in 2020, the trip was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic).

Inquiring about all of this, we reached out to Peter Kovacs with our questions, who confirmed his participation in the trip. The mayor announced that heads of institutions – school principals, kindergarten heads, heads of other institutions (for example, the head of the groundskeeping service, the head of the cultural center) – will participate in the study tour. Also, office managers (office managers) responsible for this local government area, as well as local government managers (team leaders, mayors, deputy mayors).

As he wrote, it was not new in XVI. In the district, already in 1996 during the then MDF mayoralty, then between 1998 and 2006 during the MSZP mayoralty, similarly with the participation of local government leaders, mayors and deputy mayors. In other words, as he said, it is a tradition of more than 20 years since the 16th century. In the district, he did not interfere after his election in 2006.

He emphasized that this is not just a study tour but also a team building event.

  • In 2019, a study trip to Barcelona was organized for the head of the company.
  • to St. Petersburg in 2021,
  • They traveled to Porto in 2022.
  • They are expected to arrive in Scotland in 2024.

He noted that the study trip was co-sponsored by the municipality and the participants. He insisted that since they had traveled on a low-cost flight, they had not partaken of a luxury holiday and had been accommodated in a 3-star hotel near the airport in 3-bed rooms and extra beds.

In RTL’s previous report on the study tour, a XVI. A teacher from a district school talked about how the municipality could have donated educational equipment to organizations from the money spent on the trip. “Chalkboards, blackboards, they’re all very bad. You have to buy everything with your own money. We don’t have a color copier, only a black and white copier and a printer. But if we copy a little more, we’ll get by ourselves. You have to save a lot,” he complained. .

DK’s local representative, Gábor Nemes, told that the data showed that only a small part of the group of 39 who took part in the trip were teachers, while Kovacs talked about the study trip. If so, where are the documents detailing the acquisition experience and why is the board not receiving detailed information about this? – asked.

When such waves of protests and the prevailing conditions in institutions are of concern to the public, perhaps a mayor should not try to buy off the heads of institutions and use this as a political tool against disgruntled and protesting teachers. As news of the expedition spread rapidly throughout the district,

designed. He also said that it is not clear on what basis the Mayor is giving such a trip to the heads of the Municipal Council and some organizations. He further noted: Previously, the municipality was the caretaker of educational institutions, which could justify district inspection tours, but after the nationalization of schools in 2013, this is not an acceptable argument.

Gabor Holloy, Momentum’s local representative, spoke about how the response to their trip to Nice was because they participated in a climate protection conference in the city. In comparison, the participation of local government and Fidesz group leaders was high, but he pointed out that the LMP leader of the environment and climate protection group was not invited to the trip.

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