Ferenc Gyurcsány: This crisis was caused by the Orbán government, the 2008 crisis was caused by the world, but Gyurcsány solved it

Ferenc GuerzenyThe former prime minister spoke on ATV’s Ejenes Beszéd program: The budget shows that education and health lose a month’s worth of money in real terms, and the government “sacrificed” previously untouched areas such as part of the CSOK.

“If the government is preparing for this, then obviously there is a problem,” the DK leader said. According to him, what is happening now is not because of war or sanctions, but because of Orbán’s inflation.

Ferenc Gyurcsány drew a parallel and recalled 2008, at that time the crisis, the latter was in the middle of the global economic crisis, but he believed that the Orbán government owed the current situation. According to him, the 2008 crisis was “not caused by Kyursani, but solved” because packages were created to solve it, while the current situation, according to him, was caused by the government.

Ferenc Gyurcsány recalled that they had been in the opposition for more than ten years, but at the same time he admitted that some politicians in the opposition were tired, but that was natural. He said that the ultimate goal is not for DK to be the strongest party in the opposition but to rule the country and for this the opposition needs to have a “centre” and his party is very capable of this today.

According to Gyurcsány, “with one or two unnecessary exceptions”, there will be a candidate everywhere, and this will also be the case in Budapest. He added: “No decision has been made yet on who Gergely Karácsony is.”

It was discussed Gregory Christmas And the case of 99 movement. According to Gyurcsány, if we accept Gergely Karácsony’s claim that donors supported NGOs with this fund, there is nothing illegal about it. At the same time, it is not possible to see through these subsidies, but everyone knows that “supporters of the opposition in Hungary can see for themselves.” These are two unpleasant parts of the Christmas affair. He added: They’re over it, they’re looking forward to it.

Ferenc Gyurcsány noted: It is possible that he will recommend the DK to support Gergely Karácsony’s candidacy.

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