During the operation the plastic surgeon photographed his nude patient and asked him to come back for examination in thigh-high boots.

A doctor practicing in Chelsea was investigated – a number of irregularities were revealed.

A plastic surgeon who worked in Chelsea was fired after it was discovered he had been having affairs with several of his patients.

Olivier Branford A patient reported receiving a strange message from the surgeon shortly after her breast augmentation – the photo showed the woman with bloody breasts during the operation; The doctor wrote this on the film:

You are perfect everywhere. I saw your stomach when you were sleeping. I want to kiss your belly so bad. I dare not look down, I assure you. I wish I had!

After the mandatory examination, the 50-year-old French doctor added another “experiment” to the system the same day, telling the woman to drink some cognac and wear thigh-high boots and black underwear before coming. Role-playing sex for a while.

According to the patient, they had painful intercourse that day and the stitches were not absorbed. He described the case as an abuse of power as he was under the influence of a lot of drugs after the surgery.

After the incident, the plastic surgeon offered his patient Botox and lip fillers for free, with the intention that the woman would not tell anyone what had happened. However, the woman complained to the clinic, and a medical ethics investigation was launched against Branford, during which it was revealed that he had sexual relations with three of his female patients.

Olivier Branford is married and the father of three children.

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