During her concert, Adele asked her audience to vote if she went down on the Titanic.

He interrupted his concert in Las Vegas with an unusual question Adele: Referring to the tragic dive of the submarine Titan, he wondered who would undertake the perilous journey to the depths of the ocean, during which all five passengers on board perished in the exploding submarine.

Sitting at the piano, the singer sings, “How crazy is Titan’s story?” When asked poetically, he started telling stories. He added that the case of the ill-fated submariner was a tragic tragedy that prompted him and his friends to have serious discussions about who would dare to go to the wreck of the Titanic. Everyone said that she would never do it, but according to the singer, this is a lie, because many people will do it anyway. With this question, he asked his audience to raise their hands if they accepted the trip.

The video doesn’t show how many people raise their hands, but judging by the sounds of it, the majority don’t want to go to the bottom of the ocean — among them the pianist sitting next to Adele. The singer goes further: she also asks fans to take a space flight, for which, judging by the reactions, many more will sign up.

I won’t do anything, but I won’t get on a roller coaster just because I’m scared of beeshari, goat, everything. I’m not attracted to the depths of the ocean or space

The singer shared her own perspective.

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