Dorothea Utvaros became a country actress

Dorothea Utvaros, who won the Kossuth and Mari Zassai awards, was named the country’s performer by the current title holders, replacing Ersi Mattei, who died in May.

The title of Actor of the Nation is currently held by Levente Király, Gyula Bodrogi, Géza Tordy, Piroska Molnár, György Cserhalmi, László Szacsvay, Éva Almási, Mari Csomós, Tamás Jordázázázázázázán, Zázázázázásásán.

After graduating from the College of Theater and Film Arts, Dorothea Utvaros signed a contract in 1978 with the Sigliket Theater in Solnok. He was a member of the National Theater in 1981, then a founding member of the Katona Jozef Theater, after which he played at the Új Theater and the Barka Theater. Member of National Theater since 2002.

His work was awarded the Jassay Mari Award in 1983, the Kossuth Award in 1990, and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Hungarian Film Academy in 2022. Honorary Citizen of Budapest, Hereditary Member of the Society of Immortals.

Dear Dorothy


Dear Dorothy


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The title of Actor of the Nation can be awarded to the artist chosen by the holders of the title for outstanding activities in the field of Hungarian theater, development and popularization of national theater, interpretation of national literature and the development of the Hungarian language. . A maximum of twelve people can hold the title at a time, and if one of them dies, the other title holders decide who can take the vacant place. The title of Actor of the Nation can be given to those who have performed outstandingly in leading or episodic roles, who have reached the age of 62, who have spent 40 years in the acting industry or who have spent at least 20 seasons – played at least one role. For one season – on the stage of the national arena.

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