Does nine seconds of abuse still apply?

According to the Italian judge’s ruling, sexual assault is not a crime if it does not reach 10 seconds. This decision has caused great outrage in Italy, where otherwise the number of sexual abuses against women and children – which is made public – is increasing every year. Sexist comments by the country’s leading politicians worsen the situation.

Is 10 seconds too much or too little? The issue now divides the Italian people into two camps – one essentially a judge, the other comprising all other Italians.

Then the question arose An accused caretaker was acquitted Based on Roman holding a 17-year-old high school student for less than 10 seconds.

It was just a joke

The abuse took place in April 2022. The student said that while walking up the stairs at the school, he noticed his pants slipping down slightly and felt a hand touching his bottom and pinching his underwear between its fingers.

When he turned around, the school’s 66-year-old caretaker was standing behind him.

My love, you know I played

He told the girl Antonio Avola. Later the girl complained to her harasser for grabbing her without her consent. Actions were taken and Avola was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison in the first instance for sexual harassment.

But this week, there was a twist in the case when Avola was acquitted in the second degree — reasoning that the guard’s actions were not considered a crime because the incident happened within 10 seconds.

It is unclear how this ten second limit was calculated, or on what basis they established that 9 seconds does not exhaust the concept of sexual harassment. For example, a buttock can be grasped at least nine times during this time.

The internet shows how long 10 seconds is

The ruling caused outrage in Italy, and the topic is currently one of the most popular on Instagram and TikTok.

It started spreading on platforms palpata breve With the hashtag #10secondi (10 seconds) (roughly a small plate) Italians not only expressed their anger, but also explained how long 10 seconds can be.

The first video with the most promotion Paolo Camili It was made by an actor many people think is mainly on HBO White lotus Known from the second season.

The actor started rubbing his otherwise carefully covered breast. Then he explained why he got stuck after making the decision.

The video is a little uncomfortable to watch, but that’s okay. Like everything else that has appeared since Camille’s post.

Chiara Ferragni The fashion designer shared her own video with nearly 30 million followers and famous Italian transsexuals. Francesco Cicconetti too.

Who decides 10 seconds isn’t long enough? Who counts the seconds when being bullied?

Cicconetti responded to the incident in his TikTok video.

@mehths How much is 10 seconds? Chee result se sono pochi? C li chronometra, mentre subici una molestia? Il corpo delle donne non è di proprietà degli uomini. Non è di proprietà di nessuno, solo delle donne stesse. Non è del padre che lo vuole consegnare al Marito, non è del fidanzato che vuole hidendere, non è del compagno che lo vuole governare, non è del figlio che lo vuole protectire, non è del fraglio che vuole difendere l’on difendere. Non avede trito de dockerli, nienche per un secundo. Figuriamoci per 5, o per 10. Eppure siamo cresciuti (uso il maschile sovraesteso per un motivo) in un sistema che insegna agli uomini che il mondo è di loro proprietà, così come il corpo delle sessualizzato sesualizzato, questo corpo ha finito per diventare un mero oggetto sessuale: un oggetto da guardare e commentare, a cui dare un voto e con cui giocare; un oggetto da toccare liberamente, a proprio piacere, in base a quanto serve. E tutto questo è normalizzato, tanto che un uomo sessantenne può palpare una ragazzina Minerenne a scuola e uscirne impunito. Perché l’uomo è predatore, che può farci? L’uomo è così per natura, per l’uomo è instinctivo, l’uomo non può resistere, se l’uomo è provocato…, l’uomo è goliardico, l’uomo scherzava, l’uomo ti fischia dietro è un gioco, l’uomo fa una classifica dei c*li più belly dell’ufficio ma è per divertimento, l’uomo ti avvinghia in discoteca non essere così rigid, l’uomo ti fila la mano nei Pantaloni per 5-10 second ma Sono very little, lacia correre tai, non e una vera molestia. #10 seconds ♬ suono originale – mehths

According to the influencer, the judge’s decision perfectly shows how sexual violence is accepted in Italian society.

The punishment may also affect other women who have been abused

The victim in the case also spoke.

Did the judges think he was joking? Well, it’s not funny to me. This is not a joke to me. An old man should not “joke” with a young man

He said Student Corriere della Sera. He added that he was doubly disappointed by what had happened with his school on the one hand and the Italian justice system on the other. The student fears that the judge’s decision will discourage women from speaking out against such attacks.

They will think that reporting the abuse is not worth it. This will be important because peace protects aggressors.

Of course, you have to go to the point where one’s case is swept off the table, because most Italian women who have been assaulted will not even report the humiliation they received.

The situation is getting worse every year

According to data from the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), 70 percent of Italian women who suffered harassment between 2016 and 2021 did not file a report after being humiliated.

In Italy, the number of abuses against children has also increased in recent years, according to the Italian humanitarian organization Cesvi 2022. According to his research The already dire situation was worsened by the coronavirus pandemic. Some of the factors behind major child maltreatment — such as poverty, unemployment, or various mental illnesses — may appear even more prominent because of economic hardship and incarceration. But a sharp increase in interest in child pornography during the pandemic contributed to the rise in the number of cases, the organization said Another study 77 percent more people searched for such content than before the pandemic.

The most relevant information from the point of view of the topic is that according to Chesvi’s research, the number of acts of violence against minors increases every year, as does the number of acts of violence against women within the family. Research indicates that the number of suicide attempts and the use of emergency care due to depression and eating disorders among young people is increasing significantly.

Leading politicians add fuel to the fire

He recently passed away last year Silvio Berlusconi Sentences Caused huge furore: Former Italian prime minister told Monza’s footballers he would give them a “bus of girls” if they beat Juventus and Milan. The club’s chairman took a stab at Berlusconi’s sentences when he called them a simple locker room joke.

Giuseppe Cottini/Getty Images Silvio Berlusconi watches the celebrations for AC Monza’s historic first Serie A promotion in their 110-year history at U-Power Stadium Briandeo on May 31, 2022 in Monza, Italy.

In recent weeks, sexist comments by a sitting member of the government have sparked outrage. Vittorio Scarpi On June 21, the Deputy Secretary of State for Culture said at an event at the Maxi Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome that he had already slept with 1,500 women, praising his own penis while using derogatory terms towards women.

Regarding this incident, the politician was asked if he would resign and why He answeredAccording to him this kind of censorship would be fascism.

Soon after, the Romanian guard who detained the 17-year-old student for “less than 10 seconds” was released.

According to the Cesvi research mentioned above, there were eight key regions in Italy last year that fared worse than the national average, including Sicily and Calabria. At the other end of the list are Lombardy and Lazio, which includes Rome.

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