Distribution of Viktor Orban’s favorite newspaper is a matter of national interest

According to his minister, if the government does not pay 10,000 copies for the National Games from our money, we will not even become a sporting nation.

Earlier Aniko LevaiThe Prime Minister’s wife revealed how it was Victor Orban How can its association with national sports make the Prime Minister’s mornings even more beautiful?

If you don’t wake up in the morning, he tells you that there is new national sports, and immediately opens your eyes. You should read first, there was an example where I ironed it to make it smooth.

It is worth starting from this point if we want to get a real answer as to why the state, or rather the Prime Minister himself, needs an unprofitable national sport. Viktor Orban on this he asked And Agnes VadaAfter K-Monitor He wrote how much the government could buy the paper. And that too Govt next year Paying for 10,000 copies with taxpayers’ money.

In a digital world, why is it in the public interest to maintain national games in print with taxpayers’ money that cannot survive in the marketplace?

At this time, Viktor Orbán did not answer the question put to him personally, but his Minister of National Defense led him, why it is good for the whole nation to support the national sport in this way.

Christoph Salle-Bobrovnikski According to it, this year the national sport is 120 years old, (Népszava 150 years old – ed.), which is one of the oldest brands of our country.

The minister believes that the goal of the Orbán government is to transform Hungary from a sports country to a sports country.

An offline game written without knowledge dissemination and value protection is unthinkable.

To protect the value of the brand, the development of an alternative promotion system has begun, thanks to which national sports will be free in public institutions and sports organizations.

Tens of thousands of copies will reach readers through the new distribution channel, thus promoting commitment to sports, education and training for healthy living.

– Written by The Minister of National Defense is also responsible for sports affairs.

According to data from the Hungarian Broadcasting Regulatory Association (MATESZ), the number of copies of Nemzeti Sport has fallen sharply in recent years, and the government is practically subscribing to more than half its current number next year.

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