Cluster bombs are the Russians answer to cluster bombs

Russia’s response to last Friday’s announcement by the White House’s chief national security adviser that the US is sending cluster bombs to Ukraine is already here.

Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday that the Russians would use cluster bombs. According to the defense minister, they have so far avoided using them. (Actually, they’ve used it so far, and so have the Ukrainians. They’ve gotten no party to sign a UN convention on it, and the US and China haven’t anyway.)

According to Chojku, they have not only cluster bombs, but also cluster munitions, and these are more effective than the American variety.

Cluster bombs are more dangerous because the smaller charges do not all detonate immediately. Over the years, incendiary bombs have posed a serious threat to the public as they can explode at any time. Kristof Molnar wrote an article about cluster bombs.


Graphics: AFP/444

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