Claudia Liptai commemorates her 50th birthday with a bikini photo

As he said, the film also shows the courage of his later years.

Claudia Liptai He celebrated his 50th birthday on Saturday. She remembered the important date on her Facebook page: she posted a photo in a bikini, along with which she wrote in detail how she feels about the fifth x.

I have been dreading this day since the first of January. From a number that doesn’t sound bright when spoken. 50. Even I felt sorry for myself. If I squat for 1 minute, it takes at least ten minutes for the numbness to go away. If you sleep with a pillow over your face, it takes two hours for the mark to disappear. Somehow, at the beginning of the year, the year doesn’t seem like a red letter. And then suddenly, like magic, everything changed

– said the presenter, who, as he wrote, began to focus on only one thing, and suddenly a huge number of possibilities opened up before him.

I wanted to spend this day in good health, surrounded by the good wishes of loved ones, and satisfy my sense of “need”. I got everything. So this picture also shows the bravery of my later years

– concluded Liptai, who has been receiving congratulations under his post ever since.

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