Christoph Steiner on Pride: Every year, when I’m here, everything seems so natural, friendly and family-like.

He finds people accepting and inclusive.

The 28th Pride was held in Budapest on Saturday. 35,000 people marched, with few counter-protesters in the crowd.

Christoph Steiner As a performer at this year’s Budapest Pride, he shared his thoughts with RTL staff He shared it Right there.

We are going through a constant transition together. Every year when I’m at Pride, this whole environment seems so natural, familiar, and friendly. Because we have found our place in this society, in this culture, in this Hungarian environment. Even though many people try their best to not only prevent us from finding our place, but also to be rejected from it

The media expert explained.

I find that people are more accepting and accommodating. This is often caused by intense pressure from the other direction. Of course, there are atrocities that are too horrifying for me to even read about.

Steiner has lived abroad with her husband for several years. Nimrod with Deccan. As he said, he also works for members of the LGBTQ community from abroad, although he is rarely physically present in Hungary.

It’s a human rights demonstration, it’s actually a big party at the same time. But most importantly, we are all here because we believe that people should not be judged based on their gender identity and sexual interests. There are more important things than that. For example, when people lie or tell the truth, cheat or play fair. They are good or stupid to others. These are all more important values ​​than whether someone is gay or not.

The former TV presenter added that Budapest Pride conveys a valid message. While he’s happy to be invited and play a role in the parade again this year, he prefers to see himself as instrumental in the event as a whole.

If I can add anything to this, I’m more than happy to, but I think the message is already with us. I don’t need it.

Budapest Pride was covered by, and you can find our parade photo gallery below.

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