Christina Baranyi sent a message to Frady fans

If they approach us that they want to paint the colors of the Ferencvarosi Torna club on the bench, we will not only support and allow this, but also help them achieve their project in a slightly more demanding way.

said To telex Christina BaranyiMayor of Ferencvaros about the bench case that has kept the district busy for days.

As our newspaper wrote, when Budapest’s first rainbow public bench was completed, some Frady-Ultra immediately painted it green and white so that Amnesty International staff could restore the bench to its original state, which was finally repainted by the two hoods. Persons on Monday evenings. The latter also wrote Stop LGBTQ on the stone in front of the bench.

The district mayor said, “Every year there is an uproar when we as a municipality stand up for certain values, and so far these stands have always ended in some form of violence.” He gave an example when members of the now active extremist group Aryan Greens trampled IX and set it on fire. The county town hall’s rainbow flag, as well as the Black Lives Matter statue in Ferenc Ter and its extraordinary Calvary.

According to the mayor, members of the Aryan Green Party have so far attracted attention for violent acts and chanting of various slogans, usually before or during Frady matches. For his part, he doesn’t think they have anything to do with themselves as a municipality, but as for the colors of the bench, they are looking for a solution together with the Apology Council, because it certainly doesn’t benefit anyone. Parties repaint the seat every day.

Barani added that, unlike Amnesty, he would not have filed a complaint against the vandals: as Amnesty assesses the painting, the Fraudists’ action also expresses an opinion, although he would have been happy if the Fraudultras (or anyone else) had expressed their opposition under the circumstances allowed.

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