Chechen forces move toward rebel-held Rostov, Wagner prepares for battle

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Prigozhin’s troops are closing in on Moscow, where a Monday working holiday has been ordered

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Tatyana Baripina / Press Service of the Governor of Stavropol Territory / AFP

On Saturday afternoon, Chechen forces moved in the direction of Rostov-on-Don, which was occupied by Wagner’s group in the morning. Ramzan Kadyrov A Chechen leader previously had a good relationship with the instigator of the uprising With Yevgeny PrigogineNow Vladimir Putin He stood next to him.

The Chechen leader pointed out that the Chechen Ahmad special operations unit is also participating in the suppression of the insurgency. Based on footage posted on social media, Chechen forces have already crossed the border into the Rostov region.

According to reports published by the Russian “Pasa” (Bas) Telegram channel, Wagner’s mercenaries are also preparing to lay siege to the city they occupy. Roads leading to the settlement were closed and cut off, including in the Taganrog direction. Taganrog is located halfway between Rostov and Mariupol, and the route leading to it is one of the most important supply routes for the Russian armed forces fighting in Ukraine. (portfolio)

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