Balázs Sebestyén debuts as an actor: I’m a little proud to stand here

He performed a one-man piece based on improvisation.

Balas Sebastian He revealed in April that he had received a call from the Átrium Theatre. The White Rabbit, Red Rabbit He was given a one-man play, which had neither a set nor a director, only a script, which the actor himself knew little about. Production is based on improvisation and playing together with the audience.

The host performed the play the other day, which was only available for a limited time on his Instagram story before it started Logged in.

This is what the Atrium stage dressing room looks like. Huge, huge actors dress up here, so I could stand here.

– Sebastian said, and then he went out on the stage, the auditorium in front of which was still empty.

There would be four hundred of us, nothing on stage, just a script that I and I didn’t know

He added, then asked his followers to support him.

The play has already been performed in Hungary by actors such as Robert Alfoldi, Anna Beller, Judith Hernadi, Janos Galvolki, Soltan Musi, Peter Rudolph Torture Patricia Kovacs.

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