Balázs Galkó: My pension is HUF 120,000, I don’t want to say what it is enough for.

A few months back, the actor posted an invitation on his social media page in which he wrote that he would accept any job that would earn him a living.

Balas Calco In 1968, the Who knows what?Gained national fame as a poet, then graduated as an actor who performed in several troupes and also performed in independent evenings. Since then, he is believed to be quiet, and since his public appearances, he does not listen to roles or only occasionally.

I remember exactly the day I was branded on my forehead. In 2012, when our people’s leaders celebrated the inauguration of countless basic laws at the Opera House and thousands of people demonstrated in the streets, I occasionally read a poem on stage and sang a speech with the people. Since then, I am a private person in the eyes of the authorities, and they make me feel this at every step.

He said For Blikk, an actor who sometimes applies for a role or gets a call for a role, usually a few days go by, and they tell him they’re not thinking about him.

I am an actor. I have small or big roles in three other dramas but unfortunately I could not live them up.

Kalko told the paper that he had been living alone for years and felt his situation was becoming more and more hopeless.

My pension is HUF 120,000, I don’t want to tell you what it is enough for.

Although he will not be acting in theater or films again, as he has not been getting roles, he posted a plea on his social media page a few months ago, in which he wrote that he would accept anything that would keep him alive. Reading poetry, acting as a statistician, organizing family vacations, babysitting or walking the dog.

I am not ashamed to get money for food, to pay bills, to live. I have to work. If they don’t let me do this, I have to solve it myself. I am sad to say that I have not been able to walk a single dog because no one sought this opportunity. But… I still don’t have a shred of it, or some kind of soul-sucking rage. I would like to quote one of Peter Brook’s best thoughts: “I move in empty space, but I don’t give up”. I know my guardian angels are watching over me. I hope that the world around us will change and that one day I will live well with the one and a half million starving people in Hungary. Maybe I’ll be extra with my acting degree. Because now they see that he is not even fit for this role.

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