At least five people were killed when a Russian missile was shot down in Kiev

Handbook / Press Office of the President of Russia / AFP

Remnants of a downed Russian missile hit a 25-story residential building in the western district of Solomyansk, killing five people, according to reports so far, he said on Sunday. Vitali KlitschkoMayor of the Ukrainian capital.

Ukrainian air defenses shot down a Russian missile, the debris of which caused severe damage to a multi-story building. The rescue operation is still underway, Klitschko added (this picture was taken after the Russian missile attack on Saturday).

The Ukrainska Pravda news website, in a compilation of governors’ reports, wrote that on Saturday and Sunday, Russian forces attacked nine Ukrainian districts in the eastern, northern and southern regions of the country. One local resident was killed and two others were injured in Donetsk county, and two civilians were injured in addition to one fatality in the seat of the same name in southern Herzen county. A seven-year-old boy was injured in Kharkiv County. Two people were wounded in Zaporizhia region and one in Dnipropetrovsk district in Russian attacks.

Vladimir RokovAccording to a report by a Ukrainian news website, the head of the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia district said policemen shot dead two Ukrainian teenage boys in Berkiansk on Saturday night after they opened fire on the street with assault rifles.


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