Arbat Toth: Elegy of a Bench

I am a bench and I have many sorrows,
All my bench faints,
Above all, please, even if they are carved from wood,
I am not a tree.

Now in the big forest, I want to know
It’s spring and I’m exposed
Now he sits on me happy and unhappy,
Nice girls and less nice girls.

Women will not have a problem.
But that’s because humans,
For example, the other day, he modestly pushed me
A beautiful and over-sized nasal revi.

In fact, he not only sat on me, but also stood on me.
And he gave himself a speech,
About phrase usage
He said some terribly beautiful things there.

According to him, the phrase is hardobagi,
Which can be used alone,
They listened attentively to Nazi
Crickets and bugs under the bench.

And then when Nazi left,
The women’s association came to me,
He stood up and said: Now the crowd is civilized,
So let’s have one too.

Infants, six months and under
They cheered and jeered at me,
I’m an old climate beau
But I admit: I had to blush.

Hey, bad, very bad life,
It’s strange that half of the world is in spring.
Children’s Jury and Nazi Love is now open,
One can go crazy with it.


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