An 11-year-old girl who drowned in Tissa has been recovered

He said the body of an 11-year-old girl who drowned in the Tisza was found in the Dusar area of ​​the river. Attila CalThe press officer of the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Police Headquarters with MTI on Monday.

Attila Gál said that a brother and sister drowned in the river last Friday, and that the brother of the 11-year-old girl was found in time so he could help her. According to information from the regional online magazine Friz Media, the eleven- and nine-year-old girl accompanied a relative to the banks of the Tisza, which is a particularly dangerous area because the depth of the river can reach 25. meter.

According to the online magazine, the two girls could not swim and only wanted to wade in water up to their ankles, but a sudden sinking river dragged them away. A nine-year-old child was rescued from the water by the owner of a campsite near the Dissamogioros ferry, but the older girl was not found in the river. Záhony police informed the man about the accident and immediately got on the boat to look for the girls. The police have started a criminal investigation in the case.

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