After the price cap, shops are forced to behave dishonestly, but the government decree exempts them

The government announced on Thursday last week that the price cap introduced for food products will end on August 1, but after that, traders will have to include products with official prices in mandatory advertisements. It was not possible to know exactly how it would work, so experts and representatives of traders commented on the outcome of the action very cautiously and conditionally.

A week after the announcement, on Thursday evening, however, the In the Hungarian Gazette Ordinance on Food Price Freeze and Compulsory Promotions. From August 1 to September 30, at least two of the officially priced product categories must be offered for sale. The retailer can decide which of these two types of products, but he must sell at a lower price with the already compulsorily discounted products, not in addition to them, and he must report the price reduction in detail. Next to the product.

Many eggs are plenty even for dumplings, but twice as many as needed?


Many eggs are plenty even for dumplings, but twice as many as needed?

Photo: Zsolt Szigetváry/MTI/MTVA

At the government conference announcing the end of the price ceiling, journalists pointed out to Gergely Gulyás that there is a small problem with sales related to the purchase price: it is currently against the law in Hungary. as reminds me“Prohibition of Unfair Distributor Conduct Applied to Suppliers in Relation to Agricultural and Food Industry Products”, Under current law, selling a product below the purchase price in a store is considered unfair distributorship. On the other hand, the government solved the problem by exempting shops from the law at the regulatory level by saying that the relevant point of the law “does not have to be used” when selling the relevant goods.

Viktor Orbán spoke about the price cap and forced promotion in his radio interview on Friday morning, this time recorded in Brussels. In it, he said that the government has actively fought to control the price rise and this is one of the measures to reduce inflation, and the compulsory promotion and compulsory promotion of products with price limits so far can give further impetus to the struggle. Against inflation. For some reason, Viktor Orbán does not talk about why Hungary has the highest inflation in the EU, despite the fact that the government is very active and, in his view, successfully fighting inflation.

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