After Saturday’s pardon, Putin again invited the leaders of the uprising traitors

All attempts to blackmail and incite internal disturbances will end in failure– Vladimir Putin said on state television Monday night after the weekend Wagner uprising. According to him, “Enemies of Russia“They wanted the country to plunge into bloody strife, but they counted on themselves. He thanked the Russians for their perseverance, unity and patriotism. According to him, public opinion, parties, religious organizations and society as a whole stood firm for the constitutional order.



The Wagnerites tried to take advantage of the situation, but he believed that armed rebellion would have been crushed anyway. “Those who organized the rebellion, after betraying the country, also betrayed those who were with them.” According to him, the rebels wanted the soldiers to kill each other, and they wanted the same end result in Kiev. He mentioned that their enemies.They rubbed their palms together, dreaming of avenging their defeats at the front and in the so-called counterattack, but they counted themselves out.“.

But he also spoke of the fact that most of Wagner’s mercenaries were patriots, who in his opinion were being used in a dark way. Now he promised cooperation with the Russian military leadership and a free retreat: “I thank those soldiers and the commanders of the Wagner Group who took the only right decision without stopping at the last line and without shedding brotherly blood. Today, they have the option of continuing to serve Russia by contracting with the Ministry of Defense or other security services, or returning to their nearest and dearest. Anyone can go to Belarus. I will keep my promise. Again, the choice is up to each of you, but I’m sure the Russian players, realizing their tragic mistake, will choose this one..”

Putin thanked all those who stood in the way of the rebels, including the dead pilots. He said the measures were taken from early Saturday on the direct orders of the President to avoid bloodshed. But it took time, he said, and they had to give time to those participating in the uprising.Come to their senses to understand that their actions were definitely rejected by society and what tragic, destructive consequences for Russia and our state were caused by their adventure.

On Saturday, as Wagner’s mercenaries marched toward Moscow, Vladimir Putin gave his last public speech. At the time, he promised that the leaders of the armed uprising would be punished, but in the evening they promised that the charges against Yevgeny Prigozhin would be dropped if he withdrew his army. On Monday, Prigogine said they did not want to overthrow the government, they only wanted to prevent Wagner’s dissolution and hold the military leadership accountable for mistakes. (via RIA)

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