Adam Facey: I find it outrageous that a woman who has operated on a man is representing the Netherlands at Miss Universe.

He says this could not have happened under Donald Trump.

Last weekend, she became the transgender beauty queen of the Netherlands Ricky Valerie Cole In person, so she can represent her country at the Miss Universe International pageant. The news also gained popularity in the Hungarian media, for example Gaborek Bochkor He was also featured on Retro Radio’s morning show. Now Adam Facey He also expressed his opinion on the matter.

Fásy was previously active in the beauty industry: in 1991, she became the owner of the Miss Universe Hungary, Miss Europe Hungary and Miss Intercontinental Hungary licenses, and in 1995, Miss World Hungary joined them. That’s for Blick He saidAt the time there were more conservative rules, beauty queen candidates could not wear a bikini on stage, only a one-piece swimsuit.

The world has changed a lot over the years, as the world is changing every day. Today, women – to be as fashionable as possible – participate in various plastic procedures. There is no problem with that, if the person feels good in his own skin and has more confidence, but I cannot accept a man who has undergone surgery to become a woman representing his country in an international competition.

Said Music Express The owner then continued:

It shocks me that a woman who has undergone surgery is representing the Netherlands at this year’s Miss Universe World pageant. I feel like humanity has completely fallen on that horse. Let me emphasize that I am not against plastic surgeons as they are respected doctors in society. Everyone decides what to do with their body. But I am sure: women compete with women, men compete with men, and women who have undergone surgery from men compete with their peers. Donald Trump In her time – in the beginning she was still the owner of the Miss Universe World pageant – something like this could not have happened …

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