According to Viktor Orbán, the Union’s budget proposal is trivial and not worthy of discussion

Victor Orban The Prime Minister’s meeting was held on Tuesday Charles with Michael, with the President of the European Council and the Prime Ministers of Croatia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Sweden. At the meeting, Viktor Orbán rejected an EU budget that encourages migration and an increase in bureaucracy in Brussels, the prime minister’s press secretary told MTI.

Viktor Orban explained:

The European Commission’s EU budget amendment proposal in its current form is trivial and not worthy of debate.

According to a statement released after the video conference, Brussels will provide a total of 50 billion euros in support of Ukraine, making the use of EU funds sent to the country since the start of the war still unclear. Brussels is seeking new resources from member states to cover a shortfall in the EU budget due to rising interest rates, while continuing to withhold payments from previous joint debt to Hungary and Poland.

Another problem is that the Commission’s budget proposal will further bloat the Brussels bureaucracy.

According to the Hungarian government’s position, instead of stopping illegal immigration, Brussels wants to spend billions more to support the flow of illegal immigrants to Europe. Victor Orban repeated:

As a solution to illegal migration, if someone submits an application to enter the territory of the Union, that person must remain outside the European borders until their application is adjudicated.

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