According to Putin’s former top adviser, private forces like Wagner’s are completely unnecessary.

Former presidential adviser Vladislav Surkov – who has been practically out of the public eye in recent months – is recommending to Russian representatives not to adopt a law regulating the activities of private military companies. Medusa.

In February 2012, Vladislav Surkov was the Deputy Prime Minister at the time.


In February 2012, Vladislav Surkov was the Deputy Prime Minister at the time.

Photo: Sergey Guneyev/RIA Novosti

Recently, the head of the State Duma’s Security Committee, Andrei Kartabulov, said that Russia needs a law to regulate the activities of private forces. Kartabulov also talked about the fact that there was no reason to disband Wagner because the militia had not injured anyone during Prigogine’s rebellion.

According to Surkov, the Russians copied the organization of mercenaries from the Americans. “Now and again there is talk of a law about them, but given the Russian realities, is it worth it to legalize an organization that is fundamentally anti-establishment?” – asked the former chief adviser, one of the first people of Vladimir Putin in various positions for twenty years. According to him, private forces do not correspond to the political, leadership and military culture of Russia, and they appear only during riots and civil wars.

“If such a law is adopted, no matter how clearly it describes private armies as subordinate to the armed forces, it risks turning our country into a Eurasian tribal zone in the future,” he said. That it is not necessary. “Our armed forces have contract soldiers. If necessary, we will make this system more complex and flexible, but don’t play with private armies. They were created to participate in proxy wars. Why do we need them when we are openly fighting for Ukraine? This is not a proxy war,” he said.

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