According to one Russian representative, Prigozhin’s revolt was motivated by three things

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Prigozhin’s private planes flew to Russia, but his whereabouts were unknown

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He found out just before the rebellion began Evgeny PrigogineWagner, the founder of the mercenary group, announced on Thursday that his company’s funding would end after it refused to enter into a contract with the Ministry of Defense. Andriy Kartabolov, The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House of the Russian Parliament spoke to reporters in Moscow.

A few days before the insurgency attempt, the Ministry of Defense announced that all units performing combat duties should enter into an agreement with the Ministry of Defense, and everyone began implementing this decision, which was absolutely the right decision. Mr. All but Prigozhin

– he said.

According to Gartabolo, Prigozhin was informed that Wagner would not take part in the special operation in this case, that is, would not receive funds or financial means, and this was one of the most important, if not the most important, thing for Prigozhin, he said. Former Deputy Minister of Defence.

According to the leader of the group, the following things converged: “First, money, second, foolish and exaggerated ambition, third, the level of enthusiasm.”

Dmitry Peskov, On Thursday, a Kremlin spokesman indicated the Russian Defense Ministry’s inability to respond to a question about the status of Gen. Sergei Surovikhin, the deputy commander of the combined forces of Russian troops fighting in Ukraine. Surovikin was said by some to have been interrogated or detained in connection with the Wagner Rebellion, while others said he had resigned.

Asked by reporters if Vladimir Putin trusted Surovikhin, Peskov said he was in touch with the Russian president, commander-in-chief, defense minister and chief of staff, and referred questions about the structure within the portfolio back to the ministry.

He also said he had no information on Prigogine’s current whereabouts.

On Wednesday, Peskov described the claim by The New York Times as speculation that Surovikin could have known in advance of the riots that broke out on June 23.

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