According to BKV, the elevators on the renovated metro line 3 are not working due to passengers.

World economy He writes, based on signals from readers, the lifts on the M3 metro line, which was renovated at a cost of HUF 225 billion (2023 days), have not always worked in recent weeks. So the newspaper BKV Zrt. Contacted, based on its response, there is nothing surprising about this and most travelers can do about it.

The renovated Nyugati tér station of the M3 metro


The renovated Nyugati tér station of the M3 metro

Photo: Dániel Nemeth/444

The company wrote that during operation of newly commissioned elevators, even after the most careful testing, inspection and acceptance work, minor disruptions and remedial work may still occur:

“The maintenance staff of BKV Zrt. will immediately take the necessary steps to eliminate possible errors as soon as possible, which in most cases are due to the inappropriate travel culture of the traveling public.”

Since the elevator is still under warranty, it is the renovation contractor’s responsibility to repair warranty defects. (VG)

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