According to Angelina Jolie, even though Brad Pitt thinks of himself as a vintner, he’s still a freak star.

The mudslinging between former leaders continues.

It’s not quiet Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt fight between Although the couple split in 2016, they still litigated, most recently over their vineyard in France they bought together in 2011. In the latest development in the case, on Monday, the actress’ legal team submitted new documents to the court in which they mercilessly mocked Pitt. They hit back at the actor’s previous claims that by selling her role, she was ruining a project Brad Pitt had invested so much energy into.

About PageSix IrishAngelina Jolie portrays Brad Pitt as a Hollywood dilettante, making the assumption that the winery was built by the actor ridiculous.

Pitt is an actor, not a winemaker. He deals in illusions, not mud and grapes

– The submission states, it continues as follows:

In the years he supposedly “built” the business, he shot dozens of movies, went on countless promotional tours, went to film screenings around the world, and attended Hollywood parties. Although he visited the vineyards to appreciate the work of the French workers who actually ran the business, Pitt was not a vintner.

The filing also claims that Pitt acted like a “petulant toddler” when Jolie sold her shares in the vineyard in 2021. Earlier, the actor blamed his ex-wife for this, which we reported in our article below.

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