A year ago at this time: a passenger ship fell two meters to the ground and crashed

This week won’t go without looking back: We saw our readers very interested at this time a year ago.

A year ago, our readers were very interested in banning khata and related demonstrations, but many read our articles about the mysterious scene in the forest, after which he was naked, broken and unconscious. Annette Perez A reality show actor in a vineyard in Siglos.

He attended an ayahuasca session Saffron Emis And Annette PerezAnd exotic drug consumption almost cost the latter his life. Gabor Soccer A toxicologist told me what this anesthetic really is and what its effect is.

A Norwegian Airbus A320 carrying 172 passengers and 6 crew has crashed at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. A report by BEA, the French accident investigation body, revealed the reasons.

NAV conducts house raids in Kombold municipality. The settlement’s mayor, who has become spectacularly wealthy in recent years, claims to have won the lottery several times in a single year.

With half a year of experience, he told interesting things about Bali Eva Horvath. He told me how considerate people are and why there are no poor and old people who have to beg on the street.

Several protests were held in major cities of the country due to the amendment of the Ghatta Act. Demonstrators also blocked bridges in Budapest, but the Fidesz majority in parliament voted for the amendment.

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