A twist, they are still investigating the case of Janos Galvolki

In vain the police stopped the investigation Janos Galvolki In the case of his ill health, the prosecutor’s office canceled the decision and ordered the procedure to continue, which is why the ambulance did not come to the actor’s aid, 24.hu learned.

On May 10, Galvolki fell ill with difficulty breathing and was hospitalized in critical condition. His daughters waited for an ambulance and fetched him in vain. The popular actor was immediately treated in the intensive care unit and put on a ventilator.

An investigation into the incident was launched by the National Ambulance Service during which the responsibility of the Ambulance Controller was established. The emergency responder who received the emergency call made the wrong decision, based on the information received from the whistleblower, he did not classify the case as life-threatening, and as a result, an alerting emergency vehicle was not dispatched. Immediately. He then opened an investigation into the crime of reckless endangerment by the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK), but the proceedings were briefly halted.

Bettina the owl, the spokesperson of the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office told 24.hu, Budapest V. and XIII. The district attorney’s office — acting in its statutory oversight authority — reviewed the dismissal decision.

As a result, the prosecutor’s office determined that the case warranted further investigation, and therefore ordered the revocation of the ex-officio decision and the continuation of the procedure, he said.

The spokesman added that as a result of the decision of the prosecutor’s office, a further investigation is underway at the Budapest police headquarters due to the crime of reckless endangerment at work.

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