A scottish man dating taylor swift cover

A man is not forced to go on a special date, he can thank his friends for everything.

I’m sure many people go on dates With Taylor SwiftThere are people who don’t even care that the singer is real.

Greg Dick One of them witnesses Swift having lunch with her cardboard box in Motherwell, Scotland – writes Glass. True, he was not forced to do it, he did not do it of his own free will.

Dick is a big football fan and plays online fantasy football games regularly.

In the last championship, he took the last place with his team, so his friends came up with a special “punishment” for him, he had to sit in a restaurant with the singer’s partner.

As the film demonstrates, Dick served his sentence and then joined his friends for a beer.

Of course, the friends recorded everything and later posted the pictures.

Many of the commentators were envious because of Dick’s unusual partner.

Where can I register to be punished like this?

Wrote one of them, others appreciated that at least it was a cheap and quiet lunch.

However, there were those who admitted that they had bad dates.

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